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About me

My name is Italo Menezes. I am 22 years old and I live in Pernambuco, Brazil. I have had contact with programming for over 5 years. I work as MEAN Stack (with AngularJS and Angular 2+) for more than 3, involving several systems, from simple CRUDs to the most complex ones, mainly applied to dashboards. I'm a full-stack developer, but my current focus is on frontend and mobile. I study Computer Science and I have contact with Java 7, Python, design patterns and good practices. At the moment, taking time off for reasons beyond my control. My strong point is Javascript and I have been deep in React Native, ReactJS and the whole ecosystem around these technologies. I have experience in React Native, having done academic projects, specific projects for the RocketSeat course (where I continue to study and update myself) and also provided services for building an app in Popcode. I also launched my first app, Cabe no Meu Bolso, in December 2019. With ReactJS I already made more than 3 institutional websites, and I like to do projects just for fun too. I like to use Redux and other technologies, like Typescript and Styled Components. In my spare time, I enjoy going out with my family, watching movies and series, programming for fun, and even taking pictures of nature. Lastly, I love to code, coffee, and javascript!


Here are the technologies that I often use and I like more, besides my main skills.

Angular 4+
React Native
Writing about programming


Here are most of the projects that I worked on or work until today. Some programming posts and materials built by me are listed too.

  • Home

    January 2014 - 1 year

    Formatting and assembling computers.

  • Embedded/Sony

    September 2016 - 3 months

    I participated in the quality team of the Embedded Systems Laboratory in the Sony room (UFCG), as <b>Q&A Tester</b>, being responsible for assisting developers in the development environment, and ensuring software quality through tests.

  • Igor Zahir

    November 2018 - 1 month

    Construction of website for Igor Zahir, using ReactJS and GatsbyJS.

  • Igor Zahir

    March 2019 - 1 week

    Construction of website for Novum trend platform, using ReactJS and GatsbyJS.

  • Popcode

    March 2019 - 5 months

    I worked as <b>React Native Developer</b> in a mobile app, full time, together with 2 more developers in the same area. I performed activities to implement new features, as well as bug fixes. In the company, SCRUM was used to manage activities. It was a totally remote experience, from hiring to the end of the journey.

  • DevTo

    May 2019 - 1 week

    English post giving an introduction to the Rocketseat Unform forms library: <b>Unform: the definitive form library for React apps</b>

  • Me

    September 2019 - 1 week

    Construction of the <b>Hounter-BR</b> web app, which is used to calculate the number of hours worked by a corporate programmer, following Brazilian labor law. Built with ReactJS and GatsbyJS.

  • Me

    December 2019 - 2 weeks

    <b>Cabe no Meu Bolso</b>: My first app published on the Play Store. Its idea is to help purchases that need to follow a fixed budget. For example, given a shopping list, I can spend $ 400. At the time of purchase, I need to do the math to ensure that the total does not exceed that amount. In addition, I need to know if I can place more items or larger quantities of a particular item. This idea came from a personal need, and I thought that it could help some people who can go through this too. Built with React Native, Redux, Styled Components, RealmDB, and other technologies from this ecosystem.

  • Home/StSoft

    January 2017 - actual

    Development of systems with NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, AngularJS and Angular 2+, as a <b>Fullstack Developer</b>, using API REST, ES5 and ES6, and good practices. The activities involve the construction and maintenance of web systems, mostly dashboards, and back office. Totally remote experience, working as a service provider.


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